The Nine Cemetery Contemplations

This meditation from the Satipatthana Sutta aids in breaking one's attachment to one's body and to the bodies of others.  As long as there is any attachment, there will be suffering.  With these contemplations, one realizes that oneself and everyone else will come to the same end.  After viewing the corpse, one applies that consideration to one's own body.  It breaks or shatters that complacent thought: "I'm going to live forever."  "This body will continue on for all eternity."  When that happens, irritation or anxiety arises.  Then, a sense of detachment arises -- a realization that the body is based on causes and conditions and it will be gone when those causes and conditions are no longer present.  The end result of this meditation is sense of lightness or happiness; that one is not bound up forever with this body.  See also, the Satipatthana Sutta Commentary and I Know, But I Don't Know: The Contemplation of Death.

The following pictures of a corpse in various stages of decomposition
may be used in applying The Nine Cemetery Contemplations:

Stage   1         Stage   8
Stage   2         Stage   9
Stage   3         Stage 10
Stage   4         Stage 11
Stage   5         Stage 12
Stage   6         Stage 13
Stage   7         Stage 14